Legendary Warriors Change Sex

Subsequently, for reasons that wouldn’t become clear to me for several years, I changed the sex of my Warriors of Love.  The first of them to be feminised was Lady Trueheart, a selfless girl, perhaps pictured as in her mid teens.  Others seemed to require more thorough re-naming.  My imagined comic relief started as Lady Gaylord, became Lady Gaylady to finish more simply as Lady Gay.

My mother, in these fantasies, was Queen Richmal the Lionheart.  At first, she disguised herself as Lady Boris, until I discovered that Boris was a boy’s name.  Thereafter, she went through numerous name changes, starting with Lady Borage, which soon became Lady Porridge.  For a while she was Lady Boring – after an extended lecture from my real mother, on the subject of proper conduct for young ladies.

Eventually, on a quest to save the life of a child, and reunite lovers, real women became the Warriors of Love: