The Intermediate Period

After the Old Time, there was an Intermediate Period.  People mention it from time to time in The Warriors of Love, but provide little information.  In the absence of solid data, some aspects of the way things are in the World of the Warriors seem to throw light on changes made during the Intermediate Period.  It was probably at this time that a conscious effort was made to break with the period immediately before the cataclysm or cataclysms.

We may observe that, in the World of the Warriors, pre-decimal British currency is in use.  (With twelve pence to the shilling, and twenty shillings to the pound.)  It is difficult to see how this could have arisen unless as a deliberate attempt (presumably in the Intermediate Period) to break with the immediate past.

Similarly, geographical names have often been subject to what can only have been deliberate change.  The Thames has become the Tems, London changed to Lundin.  In Wales, Chepstow has become Chep’s Toe.  The Tendring Peninsula in north Essex has been reinterpreted as the Ten Drain Peninsula.  Occasionally, renaming has been more thorough as with Surbiton – which seems to have been reinterpreted as Sir Bittern before being feminised as Lady Bittern.

There have been major changes, too, in the calendar and time.