The Queen of the Tetrazobies

The queen of the Tetrazobies
Sadly shook her head,
She looked unto the earth
And said: “Long live the dead.”

“Give me king sized tomato ketchup
To eat upon my bread
Tell me where I can eat
Though I don’t want to know that,” she said.

The queen of the Tetrazobies
Was darker than the sun.
She looked unto the skies
And said: “We have not won.”

“Give me some broken class-sticks
That are all but done
Then we can see our way clear
Though this isn’t any fun.”

The queen of the Tetrazobies
Ran unto the folk.
She looked unto the fire
And said: “It is this that I invoke.”

“Give me a sickly jelly
A mauve blancmange to soak,
Let children eat my eyebrows
And send me home,” she spoke.

The queen of the Tetrazobies
Never knew all that she did
She looked unto the waters
And said: “I am not Captain Kidd.”

“Give me a dreadful rattle
And of my skid be rid,
I look over my shoulder
To see where I have hid.”

The queen of the Tetrazobies
Laid down upon her bed
She looked unto the Universe
And said: “This is where you have all been led.”

P F Jeffery