Some Incidents

Some Incidents in the Life of King Tiglath Pileser, Late King of Assyria

King Tiglath Pileser
Shouted out “he’s a
With a smoke
Or a snout.”
He seized dozens of matches
Set fire to thatches
And wouldn’t allow them put out.
King Tiglath Pileser
Was a regular wheezer
(Who should have looked after his lungs).

King Tiglath Pileser
Was a champion sneezer
Who snoze
With his nose
In the night.
He ran up a tree
And cried “fiddle-di-di”
To some people he didn’t like very much.
King Tiglath Pileser
Never met Julius Caesar
(Who lived hundreds of years later).

King Tiglath Pileser
Was a terrible teaser
Who could sink
With one wink
Any heart.
He poured glue into slippers
Then filled them with kippers
And baked the whole in a strawberry tart.
King Tiglath Pileser
Was a naughty old geezer
(Who should have been spanked by his Mum).